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Keith's & Myra's Wish

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"When Keith and Myra first came to us, they had a dilemma. Their house was 25 years old and they loved the location, but the home did not serve its purpose as well as it once did. Keith and Myra needed more room for their expanding family, a private retreat for themselves, a large family-friendly entertaining area, room for the children to play, an additional guest suite, and a spacious outdoor living area that the whole family could enjoy.

This might seem like a tall order, but it was right up our alley. We specialize in designing and building homes that complement a family's changing lifestyle. We were eager to sit down with Keith and Myra to determine what sort of floor plan and interior finishes would not only serve the best use for his family, but add a touch of understated elegance to his new home that would be appreciated for years to come.

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Once we created a floor plan, Keith and Myra went to work on designing the pool and outdoor area they had always dreamed of. Around the same time, my brother and I, together with our interior decorator, identified key areas that we thought deserved special attention inside the home. Creative inspiration started flowing in the direction of stone fireplaces, vaulted wood ceilings, a luxurious professional-grade kitchen, a playroom for the kids with authentic barn doors, a very functional stop & drop area, window seats in the children's rooms, and dual master suites with gorgeous bathing and dressing areas.

Once all decisions and details were finalized, Greg and I put all the pieces together to make this dream a reality. As with most of our homes this one evolved as we went along and we had various additions and subtractions, designing on-the-fly, and moments of great inspiration. One of our specialties is being flexible and able to accommodate our clients' ever-changing needs.

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By the time we put the finishing touches on the home, we were within budget, on time and had great fun along the way. It was not long before Keith and Myra were able to see the true value in designing and building a home on the location they loved with a floor plan that was designed specifically for his family. They were able to keep the old trees and barn that they love, but also gain a home that works for three young children and provides ample space for Keith and Myra. They even got the extra work area in the four-car garage that they had hoped for and plenty of outdoor living space for many family gatherings.

It is hard to imagine how much simpler life can be when a home is designed and built with the family's needs and lifestyle in mind. Simplicity, family, and home – three very special ingredients for us here at Warring Homes."

~ Mark

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