Greg and Mark WarringIt is with great pride I can boast that the hospital I was born in, the grade school I attended and the University I received my masters degree from are all within five miles of my office. It is truly an honor to be able to build some of Gainesville's finest homes in its most sought-after communities. From the beginning, I have considered what we create as much more than just a house. We create a special place of relaxation and rejuvenation, a place for fun, learning and family, a place for memories and traditions, a home.

Together with my brother Greg, we oversee the entire project from conception to completion. We build our homes like we do our relationships and partnerships. We start with a strong foundation and build them to last. Daily we oversee each fine detail and push for total quality without compromising on the unique and creative home that we are building for your family.

Each home we build is one of a kind, designed to meet your individual needs. For the past fifteen years, we have surrounded ourselves with the same group of sub-contractors and craftsmen that insure your home will be a tremendous success. We work hand-in-hand with our own home designer, interior decorator and local bankers to help complete the project. We are a full-service construction company and can offer some of the best value, creative design and care-free living Gainesville has to offer. We will gladly design a dream home on your lot or you can choose from one of the neighborhoods that we currently offer. We have the energy, commitment and experience to turn your dream into a reality.

Mark Warring


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